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My first time in the ambulance!

If I thought, biking would be easy – well I was WRONG. As you know, my goal for the previous few weeks has been to learn how to ride with one hand off the bike. This is so that I can learn to give signals while safely maneuvering the bike. Well today, I decided that … Continue reading


  • So after my big fall.... and trip in the ambulance, the doctors have patched me up and I am doing fine. Been incredibly sore this week - don't remember another time in my life with this level of soreness, or reduced movement in my right arm!! My scabs literally burned in the bath - the skin took some time in healing, and every shower was a burn. But now, I am doing ok, still sore, still reduced in moving my right arm, but doing ok otherwise. Still on - still motivated to continue with my quest to raise money to find a cure for cancer. A few days more and will be back on my bike... back to the basics, but will go through with it..  
  • Quick update - after finding it hard to stick on my bike most of last week, I have actually had 4 fall-free riding days! I did 3 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles and 8 miles on the past 4 days. Am so happy... hope to continue like this. Wish me luck.

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