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Veggie delite…

Had my first full serving of vegetables today!! Growing up mom always looked out for me. She made sure I got my five servings of vegetables, fruit and lots of water and milk. Now as an adult I realize I have to be my own mother and be conscious of what I eat. Its hard!! … Continue reading

Sometimes, only when some people come back in your life you realize how much you missed them..

And sometimes, you have to lose them forever to realize how much you miss them.. I found out today that I lost a very close friend last week. I had not been in touch with him for a couple of months, and as we all assume, I assumed all was good with him, minus the … Continue reading

the hAPPY lIFE series – #1 – My awesome husband!!

So here we go, with the first of my many happy happy posts. And I am going to start with talking about my husband, who thinks I am always picking on him. I know we do argue, that too on the smallest of things, but here is a list that should make him happy, and … Continue reading

Ten things I love about – the hAPPY lIFE series!!

So I have been terribly out of the loop and have not written anything at all in the past few days… been crazy busy at work, and lots happening at the personal front. So did not get a chance to write on the blog. But I have decided to start a cool new blogging series, … Continue reading

Of all the things to argue about!!

We argue about what to watch on TV!! Growing up, mom always told me that it is the little things in life that matter. A number of couple fight on the smallest of things, even though they agree on the larger things. And sometimes these small fights result in deep sated resentment and ultimately much … Continue reading

Shining Saturday!!

Howdy folks!!Shining Saturday! I had a blast today. Got a shiny new haircut that looks Saucy!! Got a nice mani-pedi that felt like heaven and then hung out with loads of friends!! Aah that was my ideal way to spend a Saturday. Nice and loungy and soaking in warm sunlight. How did you spend your … Continue reading

My husband thanked me on FB today!!

Okay!! So maybe he didn’t thank me today, but on last Friday when I stood in line for three hours to get an iPad2. But the point is, are we going to go to a generation where thanking each other and other such simple things will be via FB, Twitter and other such social media? … Continue reading


Happy Tuesday Folks!! So how was the second day of the week? My day was good, laced with my usual cuppa of chai. Honestly, my day doesn’t really start until I have had a hot cup of chai~~ And I need at least 4 to 6 cups of tea to get through the day. Somehow the … Continue reading

Lets get started!

Mondays!! Most people refer to Mondays as “Blue Monday.” Have you ever wondered where the term came from? Wikipedia says… Blue Monday is a name given to a date stated, as part of a publicity campaign by Sky Travel, to be the most depressing day of the year. This date was published in a press release … Continue reading