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the hAPPY lIFE series – #2 – the internet

Ok Ok… So I waited the whole day to write this post, but peeps I am really crazy busy at work right now. Am sorry… just been crazzy and with the tax season going on, makes matters more complicated. Getting back to the subject on hand…the next item on my agenda to loovee is the … Continue reading

Fashion fetish!!

So this might now sound completely normal, but I think I am beginning to develop a fashion fetish! And about time for that too!! Being in NY, where everyone is Oh so Fashionable, and always looking great, it had to happen some day. So, now, here it is, I am officially declaring that I have … Continue reading

We won the cup from Lanka!!

28 years since we won the last world cup! Having witnessed the first world cup brought home, it puts me on the top of the world, my heart swelling with pride for my country and my team! Jay ho!! India!! Awesome!