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Wow met my healthy goals!!

Did you? My healthy goals are very reasonable, and so that I can take baby steps toward being a healthier person and truly loving myself. Can you believe I met all of these the past week – Drink a at least a quart of water everyday instead of coffee/soda Snack on baby carrots instead of chips Have a … Continue reading

Eat to Live??

I am reading a book “Eat to Live” by Dr Fuhrman. The book is based on an interesting concept, eat nutrient dense foods. Therefore, eat foods where there are more nutrients per calorie. And you will lose weight.

Do we love ourselves?

We come across the concept of love very often – and mostly in the context of other people. We will tell our parents, spouses, children how much we love them. But how often do we consider love for ourselves. What does love really mean? Do we know? Can we separate it from attachment? Need? Desire? … Continue reading

Pain to feel alive??

This is not my original idea – I admit it. I was watching a movie with this concept. Think about it, if all of us were programmed only to feel joy, how would we be? Would we be happy, with that arrangement, or would we get bored? Would this lead to eventual numbness, and the … Continue reading

Healthy habits? Status check

Hello there! So I thought I should share with you on whether I was successful in keeping up with my healthy habits. Here is what I mentioned I would do – Drink a at least a quart of water everyday instead of coffee/soda Snack on baby carrots instead of chips Have a cereal for breakfast … Continue reading

We have no control on the Quantity of Life, but we do on its Quality

My mother said this to me in my dream last night. It is yet to be a full year since she passed away, it is her birthday this week (October 27) and I have been missing her on most days for most part of the day. Last night she visited me in my dream. It … Continue reading

I don’t like me anymore….

Do you every feel that way? Not sure if I hate myself, but sometimes I probably act like I do. I look around me at seriously skinny fit people and I wish I were more like them.But I don’t end up doing anything to make myself like them. Just wishing to be like them is … Continue reading

5 healthy habits I will choose

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am not sure whether it is my choice to be unhealthy when I choose eggs over fruit, or chips over carrots. Or whether it is just that I am not strong enough to make the change I need to – I would rather believe that I can … Continue reading

Do we choose to be unhealthy?

How often have you caught yourself looking at a passerby with the perfect 10 body, and wishing it was you? Have you paused to see what they eat? I actually wondered what it was that made them so fit and me so not. And so, I have been observing people in cafe lines, restaurants, and … Continue reading

Do you believe in re-birth?

I do now!! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would have an idea that both my parents passed away within the last 12 months. My mother had been suffering from Hep C for about 5 years, and her death had come as a welcome relief to her. My father on the … Continue reading