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We think we are immortal!

White Flower

Image by doug88888 via Flickr

But we are not.. Often we take people and relationships for granted because we never realize that we are in fact not immortal. How would that change were we to know our expiry date (literally)!! Just like products with a shelf life? Would we be more caring and loving toward each other, and prioritize our life better? Or would we be hateful creatures who don’t anything they please without a care for the world?

I am not really sure how the world would be, had we known our expiry dates. We probably would have traded in time then – buying life minutes from each other, if at all possible.

In the past one year, I have lost people who have been close to my heart and important pillars of my life, not one but up to four such people. This is brought to life the fact, that we are vulnerable and things can suddenly take a turn for the worst. So we should tell all the people we love how much we love them and cherish our moments, so that when the day does come, when dear ones depart – we wish them farewell with no remorse in our heart.


About Indian Pixie

A wannabe writer, a music lover, a geek, a dancer... and a voracious reader!! I don't really fit into any one category and find it really hard to define myself. Moved out of my comfort zone 2 years ago, and into the arm's of country on the other side of the world. Everything changed for me, from what I love doing most and my priorities, to the way I see myself. I am writing this blog, to document all of the crazy thoughts that come to mind, as I experience this amazing transition from my loved home country to another totally new and different country. Join me in experiencing the change.



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