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I met someone who shared by story

I met someone who shared my story – he lost both his parents to horrible diseases. But his story was more tragic than mine, because both of them suffered long before finally death relieved them. He was alone in going through all the pain, and he was much younger than I when he went through it all.

He didn’t have siblings to cry with, to cherish memories with and to fall back on. No one with whom he could share his pain…

I felt grief for him, a bit more than mine.

Today I learnt the lesson – there is always someone worse off than you. Everyone has problems – often bigger than ours. Appreciate what you have and be happy. I thank God for all my blessings and the good times we spent as a family. More importantly, I thank Him for my solid support system and my sister. I cannot imagine what I would have done without them.

Thank you GOD! I believe in You. I hope our loved ones rest in peace.


About Indian Pixie

A wannabe writer, a music lover, a geek, a dancer... and a voracious reader!! I don't really fit into any one category and find it really hard to define myself. Moved out of my comfort zone 2 years ago, and into the arm's of country on the other side of the world. Everything changed for me, from what I love doing most and my priorities, to the way I see myself. I am writing this blog, to document all of the crazy thoughts that come to mind, as I experience this amazing transition from my loved home country to another totally new and different country. Join me in experiencing the change.


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