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Pain to feel alive??

This is not my original idea – I admit it.

I was watching a movie with this concept. Think about it, if all of us were programmed only to feel joy, how would we be? Would we be happy, with that arrangement, or would we get bored?

Would this lead to eventual numbness, and the need to move towards pain in order to feel alive?

Does this mean, that human beings will find a way to be dissatisfied with what they have no matter what it is? Or just that we need all emotions to be truly alive, and to appreciate life for what it is?


About Indian Pixie

A wannabe writer, a music lover, a geek, a dancer... and a voracious reader!! I don't really fit into any one category and find it really hard to define myself. Moved out of my comfort zone 2 years ago, and into the arm's of country on the other side of the world. Everything changed for me, from what I love doing most and my priorities, to the way I see myself. I am writing this blog, to document all of the crazy thoughts that come to mind, as I experience this amazing transition from my loved home country to another totally new and different country. Join me in experiencing the change.


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