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Holiday season!!

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The long weekend is over and now there is yet another work week.

Since my last post, I wanted to share something interesting – I actually craved salads in the past few days!! Yes, this is actually possible…..

As you know, I have been trying to eat healthy the past few weeks, and also been pretty decent about going to the gym. But since my last update, I have been first extremely busy at work, and second, have been traveling on the long weekend. All in all, I did not follow my food plan or gym schedule. And did I enjoy it? Not really!!

Here is what happened – I ate a ton of meat, went out very often and had both a lot of alcohol and chocolate! My husband’s aunt is a great cook, and she had made a lot of super tasty food for us, all of which was meat based. We also had visitors and travel outside, all of which resulted in me eating unhealthy outside meals. And while, I did think originally that this was the good life, after about 8 days of eating meat for all meals and wine to go along with it, I was actually craving my veggies – spinach being the top most on my list. In fact, I was beginning to feel sick of the meat/chocolate.

What do I take away from this? Vegan living cannot actually be that painful for me, for starters –

  1. I feel fresh after eating raw veggies/fruits
  2. Vegetable smoothies are incredibly filling and keep me hydrated
  3. When I eat more veggies, my digestive process works top notch, and I feel great all the time
  4. There is a general feel good factor, when I know I are doing good by my body

I am now considering converting to primarily vegan with low carbs, and higher amounts of veggies and fruits. Will keep you posted..

PS. Will you join me?


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A wannabe writer, a music lover, a geek, a dancer... and a voracious reader!! I don't really fit into any one category and find it really hard to define myself. Moved out of my comfort zone 2 years ago, and into the arm's of country on the other side of the world. Everything changed for me, from what I love doing most and my priorities, to the way I see myself. I am writing this blog, to document all of the crazy thoughts that come to mind, as I experience this amazing transition from my loved home country to another totally new and different country. Join me in experiencing the change.


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