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Biking for Cancer

Bike buying…Overwhelmed and confused..

English: A full suspension mountain bike.

English: A full suspension mountain bike. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have been reading my blog for a bit, you know that I am participating in the Viva Bike Vegas event in September this year to raise money for cancer research. [If you would like to support this cause, please donate here.]

And one of the things I will need for this event is a bike!! Now this may surprise you, but I learnt to bike only 2 months ago, and I have never owned a bike in my life!! So therefore I have spent this past week trying to buy a bike..

Now you may wonder, what is “trying” to buy a bike? I had originally thought, well buying the bike – how hard can that be?.. just go to the store can get one that is reasonably priced…(within a $300 to $400 budget)… but here is where I was wrong…

On Wednesday, I entered the bike store recommended for Team-in-Training (TNT)… Al’s bike store in Hells Kitchen.. Speaking with Eddie…I let him know that I am participating in the TNT event for biking and am expected to bike quite a few miles in the next couple of months… which will involve sitting on my bike for at least 5 – 7 hours on the day of the event…

After listening to my story, Eddie recommended a $1000 bike… which is a basic model.. for me… (God it was beautiful) According to him, I would need a road bike for my event and the relevant training. The bike needed to be light so I could go faster, and have a good aerodynamic… He promised that fitting of the bike… (which I will get into later) would be done free, if I bought a bike from him… else he would charge $40.. He then proceeded to give me a catalog of bikes to study at home…

By the end of this meeting, I was totally overwhelmed.. here I was thinking a nice $300 bike would be good, and Eddie talked of spending $1000 on a bike… this is crazy… back in India you can get a car for $1000!!! (of course the cheapest version)..

So I dutifully went home and read that bikes come in 4 key types, road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids and commuter bikes. Apparently, road bikes are expensive creations and usually start from $1000 and up.. Not sure about mountain bikes, but commuter bikes are the cheapest and hybrids typically fall somewhere in between.

Armed with this knowledge, I decided that I would go around bike shopping in a few stores… so I went to three other shops today..

Enoch’s bike shop (37th st and 10th ave)

Sid’s bike shop (19th st and 7th ave) and

Hudson bike shop (Charles st and 10th st)

Given my small frame, all three store owners had limited selections for me to see.. Enoch (William) showed me a hybrid… in a $600 range… Sid (Owen) showed me three hybrids – $500, $600 and $700… of course recommending the most expensive one… and lastly, in the Hudson bike shop, George recommended that I rent a hybrid for $150 a month and buy a road bike after as I graduated my riding skills….interestingly, George did not believe that riders should ride fast at all…

Now, after speaking to so many people, and reading so much, I am still confused on what is the best way to go… to top it all, this is not where my stress ends… next comes buying the bike shorts!! Apparently, sitting on the bike, is going to be extremely hard on my seat, and unless I want to hurt real bad, and sit on a donut for the next 3 months, I need to get my biking apparel in short order….

I will keep you posted on where we land with the bike, in the meanwhile, do you have any suggestions? Shops you recommend, type of bike, brand, etc? Also, I welcome ideas on the bike shorts…

Till next time….. keep reading..

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