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Biking for Cancer

Bought the bike, the helmet and went for my first spinning class!!… and more in between

Hello, and happy Tuesday 🙂

So here is the low down on everything biking I have done so far… this Sunday I bought my helmet (first in my life, pretty wine colored helmet), and borrowed my coach’s bike. She said I should give it a try around the block to see how it felt. Now those who know me, know that I would have freaked out at the very idea!! In any case, given that I had volunteered for the cause, I decided to put my fears behind and ride the bike. Well, setting the bike up and all was ok, but the ride around the block turned out to be a nightmare!!

Here is what happened, I couldn’t feel the bike at all, and I wobbled to the end of the street. As expected, I freaked out, couldn’t brake and brought the bike to a stop by bringing my feet to the floor. Thank heavens it stopped, or I was headed straight into traffic. Well having seen my “biking skills” so far, my coach had a “freak-out” moment, and suggested I take the bike by subway to the park for practice and that she would meet me there. When we arrived at the park, we realized belatedly that the brake wasn’t working (which is why I wasn’t able to brake – not totally my fault :-)). I didn’t bike anymore that day. Sitting with my new helmet in my hand.. and the borrowed bike, I drowned my sorrows in a bag of chips…(I learned later – not a good idea :-))

After this episode, my coach expressed some concern about my ability to negotiate myself on a bike on the aggressive trail in Vegas. Having said so, she succeeding in giving me a sleepless Sunday night. .. I lay awake all night wondering whether I was putting myself in a potentially dangerous situation, and what I should be doing. Did I dare go through with this???

Come Monday, was another day. I got a link for a bike I should buy (a road bike -got a steal for $300 – click here to see my bike), instructions on how I should get it assembled, and ideas to go spinning this week, till my bike shows up. Now my bike is on its way here from Texas, its going to get assembled, and I officially will own my first bike ever!! Super excited!! Surprising how events turned from “I may endangering myself” to “I bought a bike.”

Today, my coach sent me a note saying, he has asked the bike shop owner to install clipless pedals on my bike, and that I should buy biking shoes from the store when I pick up the bike. For those of you who don’t know what these are, “clipless pedals” basically have a type of hook to which your biking shoes attach, effectively attaching your foot to the bike pedal. This is especially effective because now you can use your entire leg to bike, faster and more effectively, using energy well. Experienced bikers use these pedals because it helps them go faster by expending lesser energy, and the issue of your foot falling off the pedal is taken care off!! But before you rejoice, this also means, that if you bring your bike to a complete stop, you can’t immediately take your feet off until you practice it often enough.

So now comes my new nightmare, I am going to fall while standing still on my bike! And worst yet, I will fall everytime I brake… trying not to think of it for now.. will see how it goes this Saturday when I go for my first ride.

In the meanwhile, I went for my first spinning class today. (You may wonder, with so many firsts, why did I ever sign up? – The answer is here, I have signed up to do something totally out of my comfort zone, in memory of my late father and uncle, who suffered a very painful death from cancer, and I hope that no one else goes through similar pain). So now, all I have to do, keep perspective of why I signed up… every single time I fear falling down… it can’t be as painful as cancer!!

Spinning was good today.. tired and head hurts.. but tomorrow is another day… another class…and one more day closer to my first day on my very own bike!!

Signing off for the night…



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