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My first time in the ambulance!

If I thought, biking would be easy – well I was WRONG.

As you know, my goal for the previous few weeks has been to learn how to ride with one hand off the bike. This is so that I can learn to give signals while safely maneuvering the bike. Well today, I decided that I would practice how to do that.

So I learnt how to take my right hand off safely. But when it came to my left hand, I don’t know what happened, and I lost complete control of the bike. And that too, when I was at full speed.

Needless to say, I fell face first down on the road (luckily the park for closed for vehicles) and had the wind blown out of my lungs. I couldn’t move, and needed help to be taken off the road. My husband who was with me, was a little ahead, and rushed back when he heard the sound.

I fell next to a cop car. With my mouth bleeding, my pants ripped, and elbows and knees badly scraped, I guess I made a scary sight. I was feeling a little woozy, so after they got a few of my details, the cops put me in an ambulance on my way to the ER.

Luckily, I have no broken bones or teeth – which was my biggest fear. Just bad bruises, and a terribly sore right arm. I will live – with no lasting damage!! YAYY!!

But unfortunately, I can’t get on a bike for the next one week or so – at least until my arm’s stop hurting. So my learning is again taken a set back.

Wish me luck, and pray that I get back on, and strong, when I ride again.

PS. At least I did the hill really well before I had the fall


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A wannabe writer, a music lover, a geek, a dancer... and a voracious reader!! I don't really fit into any one category and find it really hard to define myself. Moved out of my comfort zone 2 years ago, and into the arm's of country on the other side of the world. Everything changed for me, from what I love doing most and my priorities, to the way I see myself. I am writing this blog, to document all of the crazy thoughts that come to mind, as I experience this amazing transition from my loved home country to another totally new and different country. Join me in experiencing the change.


2 thoughts on “My first time in the ambulance!

  1. We’re here for you, Soo! Way to stay positive 🙂 You’ll be riding again in no time…take it easy for now!

    Posted by Kara @ TNT | July 24, 2012, 9:52 am


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