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My first time in the ambulance!

If I thought, biking would be easy – well I was WRONG. As you know, my goal for the previous few weeks has been to learn how to ride with one hand off the bike. This is so that I can learn to give signals while safely maneuvering the bike. Well today, I decided that … Continue reading

My first achievement…. ouch! and YAYYY!!!

This week’s goal – learning how to ride a bike! Achievement of the week – I rode my first 15 miles this Sunday. But it wasn’t as simple as that may sound…. here is how it went… So this Saturday, we had our official first training of the season. It was to be 20 miles … Continue reading

I googled my parents today!

I had heard there are 6 people in the world with the same face. I am curious to meet all six that look the same. But I had not heard this about people having the same name. I was missing my parents a lot today.. and so I thought I would google them. And surprise!! … Continue reading

One-year Anniversary!!

Tomorrow, me and my husband finish our first 1st anniversary (we married each other twice in the past 18 months šŸ˜‰ – legal and religious); and we have grown so much closer, we argue much lesser and life seems more in tune now than a few months ago. Already a year has passed us by, … Continue reading

Death Anniversary

27 November 2010 – that was the day my mother passed away, exactly one month after her 60th birthday. I still remember that day, etched clearly in my mind. I was with my fiance at his cousin’s house at thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to be with my mother this time. In the middle of the … Continue reading

Wow met my healthy goals!!

Did you? My healthy goals are very reasonable, and so that I can take baby steps toward being a healthier person and truly loving myself. Can you believe I met all of these the past week – Drink a at least a quart of water everyday instead of coffee/soda SnackĀ onĀ baby carrotsĀ instead of chips Have a … Continue reading

Do we love ourselves?

We come across the concept of love very often – and mostly in the context of other people. We will tell our parents, spouses, children how much we love them. But how often do we consider love for ourselves. What does love really mean? Do we know? Can we separate it from attachment? Need? Desire? … Continue reading

Pain to feel alive??

This is not my original idea – I admit it. I was watching a movie with this concept. Think about it, if all of us were programmed only to feel joy, how would we be? Would we be happy, with that arrangement, or would we get bored? Would this lead to eventual numbness, and the … Continue reading

Healthy habits? Status check

Hello there! So I thought I should share with you on whether I was successful in keeping up with my healthy habits. Here is what I mentioned I would do – Drink a at least a quart of water everyday instead of coffee/soda Snack on baby carrots instead of chips Have a cereal for breakfast … Continue reading

We have no control on the Quantity of Life, but we do on its Quality

My mother said this to me in my dream last night. It is yet to be a full year since she passed away, it is her birthday this week (October 27) and I have been missing her on most days for most part of the day. Last night she visited me in my dream. It … Continue reading